Friday, June 26, 2009

Esther's Autobiography

My father's name is Dewey.
My mother's name is Esther.
I was born one warm sunny day
on December eighth in the year
nineteen hundred twenty-nine
in a little frame house in my
Parents bedroom in
Holbrook, Arizona.

In have loved many"
An honorable husband,
ten children, forty six grandchildren,
thirty-six great-granchildren
goodly parents, brothers, sisters,
uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

Jesus Christ is my guiding light.
Truth is most precious.
Ordinances and sealings
stretch into eternities.
Celestial goals in mind.

My parents sang duets
as they worked together.
I sang before I could talk.
I thrilled at the New York
Metropolitan Opera.
Music surrounds my life.

I am teacher, nurse, baker,
barber, microfilmer and cleaner.
Children, grandchildren and work
are my joy.

A house empty of children
brought missionary calls
to New Zealand, Fiji Islands,
Australia, Antigua, West Indies,
Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Tennesee,
and Tahiti. Many faces left
lonesome places in my heart.
Left behind but not forgotten.

Time passes "on wings of song."
Like a wisp.
My family grows and becomes
more dear. Life is good.


Ellen Rae said...

Mom, your site looks amazing! It was worth the time we spent. Maybe we can get Lollie to make it a little more colorful.

Chelsee said...

I love the pictures. You were such an adorable little girl.

El Golden Stallion said...

Grandma I love your post! I just uploaded another one of Grandpa's videos. It is the Primary story.

Jann said...

I loved reading this post and looking at the pictures. Your blog looks so great.