Friday, June 26, 2009

Esther's Autobiography

My father's name is Dewey.
My mother's name is Esther.
I was born one warm sunny day
on December eighth in the year
nineteen hundred twenty-nine
in a little frame house in my
Parents bedroom in
Holbrook, Arizona.

In have loved many"
An honorable husband,
ten children, forty six grandchildren,
thirty-six great-granchildren
goodly parents, brothers, sisters,
uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

Jesus Christ is my guiding light.
Truth is most precious.
Ordinances and sealings
stretch into eternities.
Celestial goals in mind.

My parents sang duets
as they worked together.
I sang before I could talk.
I thrilled at the New York
Metropolitan Opera.
Music surrounds my life.

I am teacher, nurse, baker,
barber, microfilmer and cleaner.
Children, grandchildren and work
are my joy.

A house empty of children
brought missionary calls
to New Zealand, Fiji Islands,
Australia, Antigua, West Indies,
Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Tennesee,
and Tahiti. Many faces left
lonesome places in my heart.
Left behind but not forgotten.

Time passes "on wings of song."
Like a wisp.
My family grows and becomes
more dear. Life is good.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today is Valentine's Day and my dear Wayne gave me a beautiful card with sentiments that meant a lot to me and a box of my favorite chocolates, "Turtles." After almost sixty one years it is nice to still be in love with my husband. In fact, if anything, I love him more now than when we were first married and that is a lot.

Tonight we are going to a Sons and Daughters of Pioneers (SDP) party at the downtown Cultural Hall. Joy and LaKay Grant always make these events special by decorating and putting on a good program. It should be a fun evening!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Sabbath Day

It was snowing when we left for Church this morning. We're hopeful it will last and we'll get more moisture. Wayne felt like going to Sacrament meeting even though he still is in the stages of a cold. He was able to stand in the Priesthood circle as Savita Patel was confirmed a member of the Church. Carroll not only baptised Savita but also gave the confirmation blessing. Savita goes to the Gospel Essentials class and then comes to Relief Society. She seems so thrilled to be a member. She doesn't know the LDS songs but sings right along and with quiet gusto. The women in our ward are so friendly with Savita and each want to get to know her. I think Savita is amazed at how many people came to her baptism. The Stake Relief Society room was full. It is amazing how far she has come when she excepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. She did not even believe in Jesus Christ until she started having the missionary lessons.
Chance, Spencer and tomorrow Kylie are all sixteen years old and able to drive, legally. I think some did not get their drivers permit six months ago so have to wait until the six months are up until they can drive alone.
Lara, her little girl, Aubrey, and Karen were able to come up from the Valley to witness Savita's baptism. It was so nice to see them.
Lauren is home for a few days and will soon be going to the Valley to find work. She was unable to get the classes she needed at school in Flagstaff. She will be leaving to go to BYU Idaho college in April. She doesn't have long until she graduates.
Tonight I start Stake choir practice in preparation for Stake Conference. We are learning a new song "O, Light of Life" by Mack Wilberg. It is beautiful and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I have a big choir. I'm pretty sure it will fill all the choir seats and maybe then some.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our family is growing!

A lot of exciting things happened in January. Rylee and Reese had a baby girl, Peyton and we got to see her when she was a little over a week old. She is beautiful and such a good baby. She is sleeping the night through. At least 6 hours and that is something for such a little thing.
We were so excited to meet Matthew at the ShowLow airport as he returned from his two year mission. Boy is he handsome and has grown since he left home. He is now two inches taller than his dad and that is pretty tall! He reported his mission and we could tell that he had served a wonderful mission. The Spirit was so strong. Matthew is now looking for a job and possibly looking at girls again. After the Sacrament meeting Lorri and Scott had a big crowd come to their home for a luncheon. It was wonderful to be able to see and visit with all of Scott and Lorri's family. We got to see little Olivia Grace Bird, Lisa and Brett's baby for the first time. What a cutie. Talie and Trent's son Gavyn was baptised there in Snowflake on Saturday so we were able to witness that special event. Talie is expecting a baby girl in May and she looks wonderful and happy. Scott and Lorri now have nineteen in their family.
Also, Dalton and Donna had a baby girl January and are naming her Danielle Marguerita Dunn. Carolyn and Paul are the proud grandparents and Carolyn said the baby is so good and when I talked to Donna she said she is feeling good. Donna is such a natural and good mother. This little great grand baby is number thirty three and we still have three more on the way. Boy! Zion is growing and especially the Wayne Davis family.
Tonight Savita Patel will be baptised. She is an Indian lady originally from India. She and her husband, Dyia, are running the motel here in St. Johns. She became interested in the Church when she met Christine and started reading the Book of Mormon. She is such a neat lady and we have learned to love she and her husband. Savita is an excellent cook and has had us come and eat at her house many times. Of course it is Indian food and Grandpa does not like it but I do. She is a vegetarian so we have not been able to have her come and eat with us as she does not care for our food.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is a good day to be me!

It is so nice to finally start using our blog. Rylee set it up for me at first but I was never able to get into it. Sorry, Rylee, I am pretty dumb when it comes to computers. Ellen came and spent time with me and I think I can now blog with ease.

Grandpa is going up and down the basement stairs many times a day so is getting stronger and stronger. He went to all three of the Sunday meetings yesterday. This is the first time he has been able to stay through the whole block. Things are definetly looking up here. We go to therapy three times a week. Grandpa gets therapy and I exercise on the machines for forty minutes. We are both feeling better. It is nice to feel younger rather than older!

Today I have given two voice lessons and have three more to give this afternoon. Monday is my really busy day, but I enjoy it! It is kind of nice to get paid for having fun.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Basement Marathon!

Today Grandpa was able to go down to the basement and actually made it back up. This is a miracle after all the trouble he has had learning to walk again. He is able to walk with just a cane and not the walker. We both go to physical therapy three times a week and work out for about forty minutes each time. Just wait and see! We are getting younger and younger. Should be able to walk our mile route before long.